Women's Health, Fertility & Prepregnancy

We are an Adelaide based obstetric, gynaecology & fertility specialist practice.

We provide a wide range of services catering for Women's Health, Family Planning, Fertility and Prepregnancy, and can offer you many choices to cater for your needs and meet your expectation. We believe in a high quality healthcare that is individualised, holistic and down-to-earth. 

Our clinic is at 680, South Road, Glandore which is located close to Adelaide city, in between Anzac Highway and Cross Road. There are ample free car parking at our premises.

Should you need hospital treatment, we can provide treatment at Ashford and Calvary North Adelaide hospitals.

In this website, you can find:

Relevant Information on Women's Health, Fertility and Pregnancy

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions like 'how we provide exceptionally high quality care?

Our Fee Schedule to help you choose the most suitable care model, and

Beautiful Photos of our practice and Inspiring Stories shared by some of our patients.

If you wish to know more about us and what we can do for you,
feel free to contact us by phone on 08 8297 4338 (during office hours) or
by email (by clicking APPOINTMENT button located on the top right corner of this page).

We can assist you in getting a private specialist appointment within 2 weeks

You can also get regular updates on our Facebook page

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Birth Trauma Awareness Campaign .

ABC News reported Australia’s maternity care at 'crisis point’ with birth trauma rates increasing, and up to one in three Australian women have experienced birth trauma and one in ten suffered from Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) as a result. Moreover, there was ‘no support’ for fathers.

We want to address this issue by running a health campaign which everyone including mothers and fathers can participate. We hope to achieve better prevention and management of this serious health problem.

What can we all do about it?

Below are the options available:

1) talk to your doctor to seek medical attention.

Your doctor can refer you to our specialist for assessment and management.

2) seek in-depth discussion of your experience by making an appointment with our specialist. 

This process could help you understand what happened; what could have been done better; how to manage the birth trauma; and what could be done to prevent it.

3) help people who are suffering from birth trauma by listening, understanding and caring for them.

People should not suffer in silence.

4) fill out our survey form to participate in our research study into this serious health problem. 

Click here to go to our Birth Trauma Awareness Survey

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Telehealth, the easy solution to see your doctor .

We understand how frightening it is in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak.

We don't want you to feel deserted.

You can call us to make a telehealth appointment.

These are the 3 easy steps to take

1. Know who to contact first

* If you have a new health problem, contact your GP first and if your GP feels your condition warrants specialist attention, you should get a referral letter to see us.
* If you have been to see us before and want a review, just call us.
* If your condition is urgent and you can't get to see a GP or you don't want to go to the hospital, you can still contact us directly.

2. Contact us at 8297 4338

* When you call us, we listen to find out what you need and will arrange an appointment for you on the spot.
* You will be given choices on how to proceed with your appointment and what you should do to prepare.

3. Telehealth made easy

* We will contact you at your appointment time. You can have either phone or video consultation. A management plan can be provided for you.
* If we think you need a physical examination, we will arrange a private appointment for you to come in.

  There will not be any crowding to worry about the risk of coronavirus spread

Whether you are eligible for Medicare cover or not,

You can still call us to seek medical attention

We are here to help

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Our Private Specialist Healthcare is more helpful than ever ! .

We recognise how the current tough economy and high expectation continue to drive the cost of healthcare. The relentless effort by the Commonwealth Government in trying to keep the budget in surplus is not giving people much relief either as we are seeing tighter Medicare funding, increasing health fund premiums, and greater pressure on healthcare affordability. In response to these changes, we have come up with a string of initiatives to make good medical care more affordable and more efficient.

Some of these initiatives are:
* No gap option for first consult which is suitable for those wishing to know what we can do to help
* No gap for your fertility partnewhen attending as a couple
* Free car parking onsite
* Family & kids friendly environment with facilities like baby change table & breastfeeding area
* Complimentary ultrasound scan
for all routine antenatal visits
* Participation in health fund's
Medi-Gap Cover Scheme to limit your gap for hospital treatment
* Providing medical consult, colposcopy, ultrasound scan, outpatient procedure and blood collection all in one location

But above all, we will never compromise on our mission to maintain a high quality specialist healthcare and to put your health concern as our top priority always. You are unique and special, and not just a plain number. And this is where we place your medical needs with upmost care.

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Dr Yen-Yung Yap MBBS (Adel), FRANZCOG, MRMed (UNSW)

Dr Yap is the founder and director of Yap Specialist, and will be the specialist providing you a holistic care in the area of Women’s Health, Fertility and Pregnancy. Under his care, as your private Obstetrician & Gynaecologist, you can expect a care plan which is individually-tailored, evidence-based and comprehensive, and if you need the time and attention, he will be the specialist you can trust.

For the past few years as a private obstetrician, Dr Yap has been able to attend to all his patients' obstetric delivery. Yes, for each and every single pregnancy. Moreover, for all women planning for a vaginal birth, Dr Yap has been able to manage the entire labour process and currently holds a track record of achieving >90% vaginal birth rate, 100% survival rate and none sufferring from any permanent injury.

For patients seeing Dr Yap for fertility care, most eventually conceive without the need to resort to IVF treatment. For those planning for IVF treatment from January till September 2017, over 60% have now conceived.

For patients seeing Dr Yap for women's health issues, he can discuss a wide range of options to suit their needs, from lifestyle modification to medical therapy and advanced laparoscopic gynaecological surgeries. Almost all women having gynaecological surgery under Dr Yap did not need to have open surgery. For those who heard about the news on vaginal mesh for prolapse repair, you would be glad to know that Dr Yap does not use vaginal mesh, never did and never will. 

Click on the Services tab above for more information.

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Ovarian Cancer Awareness .

Ovarian cancer remains the most challenging cancer in Women’s health. Unlike breast cancer, it is not common but it is often diagnosed late because the symptoms are either vague or minimal in early stages. There is no effective screening method. Pelvic examination, imaging test, serum tumour markers and cervical screening test are all unreliable in detecting early ovarian cancer. Survival chance is very much dependent on how advanced the ovarian cancer is at the time of diagnosis, and so early detection is very crucial.

If you notice any abdominal or pelvic symptoms, unexplained fatigue, appetite loss, change in bowel habits, unexplained weight change or urinary changes, see your doctor soon. Don’t procrastinate or self-medicate without proper medical review.

An effective preventive measure against ovarian cancer is laparoscopic removal of both fallopian tubes and ovaries (which is often not done electively until age 45 or later), and this approach needs careful consideration on an individual basis.

Women with a strong family history of ovarian cancer, breast cancer or known BRCA gene mutation should have proper counselling on whether to have both ovaries removed and the most appropriate time to do so.

If you suspect you have a pelvic / ovarian tumour or worry about your risk, call us to make an appointment to discuss your concerns with our specialist.



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New National Cervical Screening .

From 1 December 2017, the Australian government has launched the new cervical screening test which can improve detection for early cervical pre-cancerous changes, and make the test more convenient and acceptable to women. We fully support this new program and have confidence that our future in preventing cervical cancer is looking brighter than ever.

How does this change affect you?

Well, if you are already in the 2-yearly PAP smear screening program, you just need to see your doctor for this new test when your next PAP smear is due. If the result comes back as low risk for oncogenic HPV genotype, then your next screening test would be done every five years until you reach the age of 70-74. If the result comes back abnormal, your doctor will advise you on the next step which can be a repeat test in 6-12 months' time or a colposcopy assessment which we can do for you.

If you have never had a PAP smear done, then you should have this new test done as soon as convenient if you are aged 25-70, or if you have unusual vaginal discharge / bleeding. 

If you have had previous abnormal PAP smear, consult your doctor because you may need annual test done if your previous abnormal test put you at high risk of getting cervical cancer.

For more detail information, click on

the National Cervical Screening Program website or

HPV and Cervical Cancer Sreening videoclip

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Don’t lose track of your fertility time .

It is very easy to lose track of time when you are busy with career development, finding your soulmate and building your dream home. The female reproductive system does not provide unlimited egg supply and hence, delaying childbearing past 35 years of age has become the most common cause of fertility problem in modern times.

There is no effective treatment to create new eggs and it is therefore important that you have a plan for your future family.

We can provide a full assessment of your fertility potential and discuss suitable options to meet your needs including counselling, egg storage and fertility treatment.

So, when you see your doctor for your next medical check-up, don’t forget to mention about your fertility needs.

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Immunisation Awareness for Pregnancy .

Under the National Immunisation Program, vaccines against influenza and pertussis (the virus which causes whooping cough) are offered to pregnant women at no cost. These vaccines are highly effective in reducing the impact of these infectious diseases on pregnant women and newborns.

Pregnant women are at high risk of becoming seriously ill with influenza which can result in premature delivery, low birthweight and death in young babies. Influenza vaccination can be given at any time during pregnancy, preferably before the flu season.

Meanwhile, pertussis remains common in Australia and babies less than six months of age are at greatest risk of severe disease and death from pertussis. Pertussis vaccination is ideally given between 28 and 32 weeks of pregnancy.

Given their significant benefits and safety profile, these vaccines are strongly recommended for pregnant women and can be given at your local immunisation centre or general practice.

For more information, click on

National Immunisation Program website

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City Fertility Adelaide Closure .

We are all shocked to hear the unexpected news that City Fertility Adelaide will close on 15 May 2019.

Our main priority is to ensure minimal disruption to your fertility management under Dr Yap.

Dr Yap can still provide you fertility assessment, counselling and appropriate treatment. A local fertility lab can be arranged if you require Assisted Reproductive Technologies like IVF treatment. 

For those who have gamates or embryos stored at City Fertility Adelaide, you will be given a list of options to choose from and you can consult Dr Yap to discuss your options. You can choose to keep your gamates / embryos at any City Fertility centres (e.g. in Melbourne or Brisbane), or move them to other local fertility labs.

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